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Green Clean Services

Green Clean provides green cleaning all it's customers including those who are concerned about:

  • Their health and the health of their family, employees, and/or customers,
  • The environment, and
  • Their investment in their home and/or office.
  • For those that simply enjoy a clean and fresh smelling home.

Green Clean uses environmentally safe cleaning products which will not leave toxic odors and fumes. The cleaning equipment meets green standards for HEPA filters, noise reduction and moisture extraction. The processes and procedures used to clean are part of the overall green cleaning program to safeguard your investment in your home-office and furnishings.

Green cleaning provides businesses an excellent opportunity to market their concern for the environment, their customers and their employees. Going green sends the message that you are concerned about the community.

Green cleaning is a significant marketing opportunity for businesses and homeowners seeking LEED certification. Green Clean offers green cleaning to all customers concerned about their impact on the environment and their health.