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“I found Green Clean while I was searching for a cleaning company that was not only high caliber, but one that is in line with our company’s credo to be environmentally-sound. Green Clean is both; they clean everything efficiently and effectively using only their own equipment and environmentally-safe products. In addition, we purchase recyclable enviro-paper products through Green Clean which stocks them in our cache. Because I appreciate Green Clean I have referred them to one of our owners—they clean his home and they even clean mine! I would recommend them to anyone.”


  Theresa Hayden, M.A.
Director of Commercial Operations
Venga Ventures, LLC
DBA Freedom Storage Centers




Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be cleaning my business?

A regularly assigned team of trained cleaning specialists will clean your business. Our employees are non-smokers and will not eat or drink while cleaning your business.
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How will our relationship work?

A straight-forward business contract will be drawn up outlining our business relationship – what services Green CleanSM will provide with the approximate times and days of service, and what your business will provide in the way of paper and plastic supplies. However, no business contract is worth the paper it is written on unless there is trust and open communication between the two parties. We rely upon you to provide feedback – what we can do better and what we are doing well – to better serve you and your business. Every customer has different expectations and Green CleanSM wishes to provide you the service you want.
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What do we have to do before the scheduled cleaning?

All we ask is that you and your employees are clear about what you want Green CleanSM to do at each service date. If papers are left on desks or chairs, expect that they will not be moved or organized and Green CleanSM will clean around the papers. Desk objects will be damp wiped and lifted up to clean beneath. Desks will be aligned to desks and tables. Removal of recycling and cardboard will be agreed upon. The clearer the workspace, the better Green CleanSM will be able to clean.
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Does Green CleanSM offer carpet cleaning?

Green CleanSM can provide carpet cleaning, using a Green Seal certified cleaning solution and a commercial carpet extractor. The carpet extractor has an 85% return, meaning the carpets will be dry within a few hours (2 to 2 ½ ) instead of the traditional 8 to 10 hours. The higher rate of extraction also means less water will remain in the carpet, reducing the likelihood of mold developing in the carpet fibers. The cleaning solution is hydrogen peroxide-based and is colorfast. No detergents are used (which attract dirt). The hydrogen peroxide solution actually repels dirt and helps restore the original colors of the carpet. Carpet cleaning services can be arranged separately.
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What cleaning products are used?

For commercial cleaning, Green CleanSM uses a hydrogen peroxide-based solution called Clean by Peroxy made by Spartan. Peroxy is Green Seal certified and diluted to the concentration required for the specific task. A dilution of 1:128 (one ounce to one gallon) or less is used for most surface cleaning. Peroxy leaves no toxic fumes or residue – only a mild fresh scent. Peroxy is safe to use on all hard surfaces and is an excellent cleaning solution. A local hospital has replaced all of the cleaning solutions it once used for surfaces, OR, and carpets, and uses only Peroxy. Green CleanSM uses freshly clean cotton terry-cloth towels for most surfaces and recycled micro-fiber towels for glass and mirrors. Low-abrasive sponges are used for tough-to-clean spots.
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Is Green CleanSM insured and bonded?

Green CleanSM is insured and bonded. Green CleanSM will treat your work environment with the care and respect you would expect. However, should anything is damaged or broken during the cleaning service, Green CleanSM will make every effort to repair or replace the item. Green CleanSM assumes all the responsibility for all work-related injuries to our employees while on the job.
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When will the cleaning service occur?

Your business workspace will be cleaned during your off-hours. Green CleanSM will enter the premises of your business to clean only on service days or with your express permission. You will be asked to provide a key and/or security code to allow Green CleanSM access to the premises during off-hours.
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What equipment or space will my business need to provide?

Green CleanSM will provide all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies – towels and cleaning solutions. You may be asked to provide a small janitorial closet/space for a limited number of supplies – cleaning solution, non-sterile gloves, mop heads and/or handles, and extension cord. Your business will provide the paper and plastic supplies – toilet paper, paper towels, trash liners, heavy duty garbage bags – and have these items available for Green CleanSM to use only at your business.
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How flexible is Green CleanSM around holidays and special events?

Green CleanSM is quite flexible with scheduling around holidays and special events. Green CleanSM observes all federal/bank holidays. Green CleanSM can accommodate services for special events held at your business (First Thursday, Chamber of Commerce, for example) and business closures. Prior notice is appreciated.
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How is my business billed for services?

Green CleanSM will invoice you business for services on a monthly basis. If you require submission of the invoice by a certain day of the month, please let Green CleanSM know. Invoices are expected to be paid in full within fourteen days.
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