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“I found Green Clean while I was searching for a cleaning company that was not only high caliber, but one that is in line with our company’s credo to be environmentally-sound. Green Clean is both; they clean everything efficiently and effectively using only their own equipment and environmentally-safe products. In addition, we purchase recyclable enviro-paper products through Green Clean which stocks them in our cache. Because I appreciate Green Clean I have referred them to one of our owners—they clean his home and they even clean mine! I would recommend them to anyone.”


  Theresa Hayden, M.A.
Director of Commercial Operations
Venga Ventures, LLC
DBA Freedom Storage Centers




Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be cleaning my home?

A regularly assigned team of trained cleaning specialists will clean your home. Our employees are non-smokers and will not eat or drink while cleaning your home. Each team is directly supervised by one of the owners.
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How will our relationship work?

Open communication is the key to any lasting relationship. We will work to earn your trust as we clean your home. We will treat your possessions with care. We rely upon you to provide feedback – what we can do better and what we are doing right – to better serve your needs.
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What cleaning products are used?

Green CleanSM uses the safest and most dependable of cleaning ingredients – water, white vinegar, and baking soda. Most surfaces are cleaned with a 10:1 water-vinegar solution and we make our own “soft scrub”. Green CleanSM has many “green” tricks to remove calcification on sink fixtures, clean brass and copper, remove red mold from showers/tubs/toilet bowls, de-grease the stovetop and hood, and get into those hard-to-reach places. Green Clean’sSM product will not harm the finishes or surfaces of your furniture, counter, or floors. Green CleanSM does not use feather dusters, brooms or mops that can lift dust and dirt into the air. Green CleanSM uses cotton terry cloths for most surfaces, micro-fiber cloths for glass and mirrors, and 3M sponges with soft scouring pads for tough stains. After use in one room, the cloths and sponges are bagged up so there is no cross-contamination between rooms.
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Is Green CleanSM insured and bonded?

Green CleanSM is insured and bonded. Green CleanSM will treat your home with the care and respect you would expect. However, should anything be damaged or broken during the cleaning service, Green CleanSM will make every effort to repair or replace the item. Green CleanSM assumes all responsibility for all work-related injuries to our employees while on the job.
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What is expected before Green CleanSM comes to clean my home?

First,Green CleanSM will expect a means of access to your home to provide the cleaning service. You do not need to be present during the service and you are welcome to remain while we clean. Most customers provide the access code to the garage or a spare key, and some customers meet us and go out while we clean. The choice is yours.

Secondly, picking up dishes, laundry and toys will help facilitate the cleaning service. There is no reason to clean before we come – that defeats the whole purpose of letting Green CleanSM do the cleaning!

Thirdly, let us know if you have a special request for that day of service. We enjoy notes from our customers and value their feedback.
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When will the scheduled cleaning service occur?

You can schedule regular green cleaning service to occur on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We will even schedule periodic green cleaning services. Once we establish how frequently you want green cleaning service, we will select a day of the week that will be convenient and then select either mornings or afternoons. Green CleanSM can not guarantee to be at your home by a specific time but we can arrive within a time frame of your choosing. Green CleanSM starts as early as 8:30 am and works until 4:00 or 4:30 pm.
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How much time is needed for a regularly scheduled green clean?

The amount of time Green CleanSM requires to clean your home depends on the size and needs of your home. Green CleanSM offers a free consultation in your home and provides an estimate for deep cleaning and regular service. Regular green cleaning service ranges between one hour to two-and-a-half hours, depending on the size of the cleaning team and your needs. Most homes take under two hours with a team of three green cleaning specialists.
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How flexible is Green CleanSM around holidays and vacation times?

Green CleanSM is quite flexible around holidays and vacation times. Green CleanSM takes off on all federal holidays and we are willing to accommodate your family’s vacation times and special events.
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What is the cancellation policy?

Green CleanSM asks for twenty-four hours' cancellation notice on a regular green clean. If you need to cancel service with us entirely, we ask for a minimum of two weeks notice. If you do not notify Green CleanSM of a cancellation, we will need to charge you a cancellation fee. Likewise, if a Green CleanSM team arrives at your home and is unable to access your home for cleaning, we will need to charge you a fee for non-access.
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How will I be billed for services?

Green CleanSM expects payment for services on the day of service. You may leave a check or cash. If you are not comfortable with that arrangement, we can arrange billing for service by invoice, payable upon receipt. Regular green cleaning services are a set price based on your unique needs. Deep cleaning is billed by the actual man-hours.
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Does Green CleanSM offer carpet cleaning?

Green CleanSM can offer carpet cleaning using a Green Seal certified cleaning solution and a commercial carpet extractor that is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). Carpet cleaning is charged by the square-foot. The carpet extractor has an 85% moisture return, meaning your carpets will be dry within a few hours (2 to 2 ½) instead of the traditional 8 to 10 hours (maybe). The higher rate of return means less water will remain in the carper, reducing the likelihood of mold developing in the carpet fibers. The cleaning solution is hydrogen peroxide-based and is colorfast. No detergents (which attract dirt) are used. The hydrogen peroxide solution actually repels dirt and helps restore the original colors of the carpet.
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