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“Green Clean has been maintaining our office space for over a year now. We’ve found Green Clean to be more dependable and conscientious than the other building maintenance services we’ve contracted in the past. They always make sure we are satisfied with the cleanliness of our spaces. They promote constructive feedback and practice great social skills. When they leave our office, everything looks and smells clean without all the usual offensive chemicals used by so many others. These are the hallmarks of a business you can trust”

Stan Audette
President AAD Inspection Corp.


About Green Clean

“Think Globally – Act Locally”

Green Clean is committed to environmental and social concerns that affect our planet and to addressing those concerns at a local level. Green Clean is committed to:

Environmental concerns through:

  • reducing the use of packaging materials;
  • using sustainable materials;
  • the use of non-toxic cleaning solutions; and

Social concerns through:

  • Fair employment practices; and
  • Providing employment opportunities to individuals who might have limited employment opportunities due to language or other barriers.

Green Clean features five elements to the philosophy of green cleaning: a holistic approach; a beyond-the-surface focus; products and services offered; knowledgeable employees; and educational and communication programs.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy environment, all areas – from entryway to bathrooms to utility rooms – affect the indoor environment. Green Clean uses a holistic approach to green cleaning by using non-harmful green cleaning solutions and techniques.

While most cleaning services focus on leaving surfaces looking clean and spotless, Green Clean goes beyond the surface to eliminate molds, dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants that may not be seen. Green Clean uses HEPA filters and efficient commercial vacuums and empties vacuum bags when half full. Clean microfiber and cotton cloths are used only at one site and never used in more than one area. Cloths used in the bathroom are never carried to living areas and visa versa.

The products used by Green Clean in house cleaning are common kitchen ingredients and those used in commercial cleaning are Green Seal certified. Many “green” residential products lack third-party certification and contain potentially harmful alcohol-based chemicals. The rule of thumb is: if you wouldn’t eat, don’t use it in your home.

Green techniques help preserve your investment in your home and business and remove common problems such as calcium deposits without scratching surfaces. Green Clean employees are knowledgeable in the use of the green products and skilled in the various green techniques used. The owners of Green Clean continually train their employees on the best practices in green cleaning and supervise at every site.

Green Clean is truly a green cleaning provider which goes beyond the tactical implementation of green cleaning strategies to become your partner in creating a healthier environment. The owners of Green Clean are trained in health promotion, infection control and green techniques that will assist you in adopting a green philosophy at home and in your business. Your health, safety and investments are important to Green Clean as well as the protecting the earth’s resources.

Green Clean is locally owned and operated. Green Clean strives to provide reliable, courteous service with attention to detail. Green Clean is also concerned about the health of their employees and customers by using all-natural, environmentally sensitive, Green Seal certified cleaning products.

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