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Services Using Environmentally
Sensitive Products

“I found Green Clean while I was searching for a cleaning company that was not only high caliber, but one that is in line with our company’s credo to be environmentally-sound. Green Clean is both; they clean everything efficiently and effectively using only their own equipment and environmentally-safe products. In addition, we purchase recyclable enviro-paper products through Green Clean which stocks them in our cache. Because I appreciate Green Clean I have referred them to one of our owners—they clean his home and they even clean mine! I would recommend them to anyone.”


  Theresa Hayden, M.A.
Director of Commercial Operations
Venga Ventures, LLC
DBA Freedom Storage Centers




Janitorial Cleaning Services

Why Green Clean Janitorial makes good business sense:

  • Green cleaning contributes directly to reduced operating costs.
  • Green cleaning extends the life of hard-floor finishes and surfaces.
  • Green cleaning chemicals produce less toxic pollution and waste.
  • Green cleaning equipment meets green standards and performs as well as, if not better than, traditional cleaning equipment.
  • Green cleaning processes and procedures safeguards your employees; and customers’ health while protecting the work environment.

What can you expect from Green Clean Janitorial Services ?

  • Friendly, reliable, well-trained crews, trained in state of the art green cleaning strategies
  • Scheduled cleaning service tailored to your business’ needs
  • Flexibility in scheduling to meet your needs
  • Concerns promptly and courteously addressed to your satisfaction
  • Advice from knowledgeable janitorial experts to extend the life of all office surfaces and flooring
  • Insured and bonded cleaning crew

A regular Janitorial service will include these services and more:

Offices and Reception Area

  • Damp dust desk surfaces and bookshelves
  • Clean and wipe down chairs
  • Clean windows, door handles, light plates
  • Damp dust light fixtures, baseboards
  • Vacuum carpets/clean hard floor surfaces
  • Damp dust window blinds
  • Empty wastebaskets and replace liners
  • Empty hole punches and damp dust copiers/fax machines
  • Clean telephone receivers

Break Room

  • Clean counter surfaces and sink
  • Clean microwave, appliance surfaces, coffee pot
  • Mop floor
  • Damp dust cabinet surfaces
  • Environmentally responsible strip and wax services as necessary


  • Clean sinks, faucet fixtures
  • Clean mirrors, hard surfaces
  • Damp wipe door handles, light plates
  • Clean toilet bowl, handle, seat, lid, tank and base
  • Empty trash and replace liners
  • Refill soap dispensers, towel dispensers, toilet paper
  • Mop floor


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Is Green Clean insured and bonded?
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What equipment or space will my business need to provide?
How flexible is Green Clean around holidays and special events?
How is my business billed for services?
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