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"New to Boise due to my health needs and a chemical free environment, Green Clean has been outstanding in their use of environmentally safe cleaning products. The only such company in the yellow pages, a co-owner is always with his cleaning staff and has met my budget for weekly service requirements. Green Clean is exceptional in the service of being flexible with my individual home cleaning needs. I recommend Green Clean to anyone who is concerned about our environment as well as coming home to a spotless home."

Diane Sack






House Cleaning Services

This is what green cleaning can offer you and your family:

Health benefits

  • Non-toxic, chemical-free house cleaning
  • HEPA filters that are 99.9% effective at capturing and containing particles measuring one micron or larger
  • Ideal for individuals with allergies, respiratory disorders or who are immune compromised

Environmental benefits

  • Minimal packaging – Green Clean uses no commercial products in residential cleaning
  • Washable cotton and micro-fiber cleaning towels
  • All cleaning solutions are made from common kitchen ingredients
  • Noise-reducing equipment
  • Non-abrasive techniques and products that will not damage surfaces
  • Hard floor surfaces cleaned with state of the art micro-fiber mops
  • Experience with various types of surfaces:
    • Hardwood
    • Stainless steel
    • Slate and granite
    • Brass fixtures
    • Concrete flooring
    • Travertine and other types of tile

What can you expect from Green Clean?

  • Our priority is on customer service - satisfaction guaranteed*
  • Reliable, well-trained cleaning specialists supervised by the owners
  • Attention to detail
  • Insured and bonded
  • Service tailored to your specific needs

“A finicky customer is a happy customer.”

  • A ceiling-to-floor, corner-to-corner deep green clean is strongly recommended prior to scheduling regular cleaning service to establish a baseline.
  • A deep clean involves anywhere between six to eighteen man-hours of serious green cleaning.
  • Regular green cleaning service maintains the level of green clean established by the deep clean with an emphasis on high-traffic areas and special concern areas.
  • The amount of time (and price) for a regularly scheduled green cleaning service depends on:
    • Square footage of the home;
    • Number of bathrooms;
    • Pet fur issues;
    • Types of floor surfaces;
    • Special care surfaces; and
    • Special concerns of the customer.

A regular green cleaning service would include these services and more:

Living Spaces

  • Damp dust baseboards, light fixtures, light plates, window sills, shelves, blinds, and home decorations
  • Vacuum all floor surfaces, rugs, and stairs
  • Vacuum upholstery, lampshades as requested
  • Damp wipe all hard surfaces
  • Clean with steam all hard floor surfaces
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Remove cobwebs


  • Clean all counter surfaces and appliances
  • Clean stovetop, hood, burner grates, and controls knobs
  • Clean microwave – inside and out
  • Damp wipe all cabinet surfaces and cabinetry appliances
  • Damp wipe refrigerator and dishwasher, including inside doors


  • Clean all counter surfaces, including soap dispensers/dishes and vanity items
  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Clean tub/shower surfaces – removing bottles, tubes and soap – removing soap accumulation
  • Clean all fixtures, focusing on calcium deposits
  • Clean toilet – tank, seat, lid, handle, and bowl


  • Damp dust all hard surfaces and fixtures
  • Straighten bed covers, pillows (beds made upon request)
  • Vacuum under bed, furniture, lampshades

Green Clean also provides in-and-out service for renters, post-remodeling, new homebuyers, and homesellers.

Green Clean house cleaning satisfaction guaranteed your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with the service, we will return to make it right.


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